Housing Affordability On Long Island

Dated: February 2 2024

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It's no secret that everyone knows the housing market is hot right now for home sellers because we have critically low numbers of homes available for sale and very active homebuyer activity. 

How do we know this? 

Well our open house attendance is very high and homes are selling with multiple offers. 

Wait a minute though, aren't prices really high along with mortgage rates? 

So what's the deal? Why is the housing market on Long Island (specifically Suffolk County) still continuing to have record average sale prices month after month?

There are three main drivers right now that are driving buyer interest and home prices:

1. Housing affordability. 

2. Lack of available homes for sale (rent).

3. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). 

4. Normal moving patterns.

Let's start from the bottom of this list and work our way up. 

People move. That fourth reason is, no matter if prices are up, mortgage are high, economy is doing bad, good or indifferent, people move. Homeowners sell for various reasons and prospective homebuyers want to own their own space. 

This is why owning real estate is considered an excellent investment. 

"FOMO" or Fear Of Missing Out, in my opinion, is always a driver for people to make investments or buy stuff. I tell all my buyer clients the same thing, "You're buying a sellers market." 

They normally shake their head and acknowledge that they know this. 

But Tom, why would people buy in a high market? 

See number 4 and remember, while rates are in the high 6's as of early February, 2024, they used to be 18% at one point! 

While other people are searching for homes to buy, their friends and colleagues get the "itch" to do the same thing!

The lack of homes for sale is showcased every month on my podcast. Because there's just not enough homes to meet the demand of homebuyer activity, this keeps prices steady (and rising). 

Which brings us to housing affordability. 

Basically, to understand this graph and its value to you as a homeowner, a high number is good and lower number is bad. 

Look at 2021. The number is 105. That means homebuyers had income that exceeded 100%  of the costs of a median-priced home then. 

Mortgage rates were in the 3's. 

Have taxes gone up since then? Have home prices gone up since then? And cost-of-living expenses?

All have gone up. 

And the mortgage rate? As of early February, 2024, they're around 6.9%. That's double what they were in 2021. 

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